Arizona Assessment Program

New/Updated Requirements


Beginning in Spring 2021, students in grade 10 will take the revised state exam, AzM2 & AIMS Science. Passing the AzM2 is not a state requirement for graduation. However, local schools may choose to develop their own academic requirements related to the AzM2 assessment.

Civics Test

In 2015, the Arizona legislature passed the American Civics Act (House Bill 2064). This bill will require students, beginning with the graduating class of 2017, to pass a civics test based on the United States Immigration and Naturalization civics questions. Students will be required to score 70% or higher in order to graduate from high school or obtain a high school equivalency certificate. As a courtesy, the Arizona Department of Education, with help from the Maricopa County Education Service Agency and Arizona educators, has developed a mostly multiple choice version of the required test.

Our Curriculum

Pillar Academy Online has partnered with Educational Options to delivery its core online academic content. Educational Options is committed to providing students with the best web-based instructional products possible. All Stars Suite courses are created using a stringent, research-based development process that starts with a review of state academic standards to determine required learning outcomes. Designed by a team of highly qualified educators, Stars Suite features rigorous assessments, lessons, activities, and exams that are based on Bloom’s Taxonomy, ensuring that students employ all levels of critical thinking. The curriculum is regularly updated to meet the changing state and national standards.   EdOptions is accredited by AdvancED and by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Council on Accreditation and School Improvement (SACS CASI), a division of AdvancED.

Graduation Requirements

Pillar Academy Online offers two diploma programs. To receive an AdvancED-accredited high school diploma, students graduating need to earn 22 credits. We recommend that students preparing for college should consider earning an Advanced Scholastic Diploma. This diploma entails earning 2 credits in a foreign language. This diploma helps to better prepare college-bound students for the academic requirements of national colleges and universities.

Admission Requirements

•  Must be an Arizona resident
•  Must be under 22 years of age.

Required Documents

 To get started, students must submit:
  • Valid birth certificate or other appropriate documentation
  • Proof of Arizona residency
  • Home language survey

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Open Enrollment

Pillar Academy Online offers open enrollment all year. Students may start their courses when the enrollment process is complete and all required forms have been submitted.